Scholarship | Cyprus International University


Scholarship opportunities for Undergraduate students

Cyprus International University provides academic scholarships for its students as an incentive for success, with most students benefiting from 50%, 75% or 100% scholarships or discounted tuition fees.

International Student Scholarship

All international students are granted a 50% tuition fee scholarship.

Academic Scholarships

Our prospective students may apply for an Academic Scholarship based on academic merit. This scholarship varies from 50% to 100% off their tuition and other fees.

CIU Sports Scholarship

All prospective students can apply for a CIU Sports Scholarship with evidence of sports performance at a national level as well as members of the Supreme sports leagues or those students who will be actively involved in a CIU sports team.

Scholarship opportunities for graduate students

Scholarship opportunities for Master and PhD students are available at Cyprus International University. Graduate students with at least a 3.00 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) may apply for a scholarship. On the basis of the academic achievements, Scholarship Committee can grant the applicants with up to 50% scholarship on tuition.


Accommodation Loyalty Program

Students, who wish to stay on campus for more than one year, benefit from the following discounts on their accommodation fees.
15% discount on their 2nd year of stay
20% discount on their 3rd year of stay
25% discount on their 4th year of stay
30% discount on their 5th year of stay

Welcoming applications from students around the world.