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Accomodation needs of students are met with a total of 17 unique dormitories with a capaciy of up to 2509 students, that are comfortable, peaceful and reliable. Life in CIU dormitories are designed to support the academic and social lives of the students, in order to meet their priority needs of feeling safe and at home. The dormitories on campus aim to accelerate the students’ adaptation period, and provide them with easy access to study areas and all social and sporting venues. With 24/7 security control, the only focus of students’ will be on lessons and campus life. Newly registered students can apply for dormitories after completing the registration procedures.

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Bed capacity rooms are provided within the university dormitories


Unique dormitories are located within a walking distance to everywhere on campus


Different type of dormitories are designed in order to meet all needs of the students on campus

Welcoming applications from students around the world.