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ـــ  About Ciu

The strategic geopolitical location of the island of Cyprus and its proximity to the birthplace of civilization has played an important role in what Cyprus is today; a small but very international island. This international identity became the inspiration for our name. Cyprus International University has its roots in the vision of Mr. Özer Boyacı who set out to establish an institution that would make a mark on higher education in North Cyprus.




ـــ  About Cyprus

Cyprus, known as the small pearl of the Mediterranean, is an island with rich history, diverse culture and natural beauty. North Cyprus has six districts; Nicosia, Kyrenia, Famagusta, Morphou, İskele and Lefke.


Cyprus International University

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Titilayomi Olufunso O. Aboluwoye May 2019

“I would like to make my designs an environmentally friendly brand that will create awareness of the need for recycling and thus reduce environmental challenges that are present. I believe that I will achieve this goal with hard work and dedication.”

Jasem Haylooz June 2019

“I also learned that there is a ranch where I can continue my greatest passion, horseback riding, and develop my skills further to achieve my goals.Therefore, I chose Cyprus International University due to educational and socio-cultural quality and opportunities.”