Titilayomi Olufunso O. Aboluwoye May 2019 Bioengineering (PhD) | Cyprus International University

Titilayomi Olufunso O. Aboluwoye May 2019

Bioengineering (PhD)

What is the story behind of choosing study Pharmacy at CIU?
As a child who grew up in a hospital setting, I always knew that I would work in the health sector. Pharmacy has always been a working area I would prefer. For this reason, I decided to come to Cyprus to study pharmacy. The most important factor in my preference of North Cyprus was my father who is a bible theologian. He told me about the history, historical places and ancient cities of Northern Cyprus and this attracted my attention. That’s how I first learned about the island.

While I was planning to study Pharmacy at Cyprus International University, I also believed that CIU would be a good learning experience where I could discover other cultures due to the multicultural environment at the University.

What do you do in your free time?
I like music, dancing, tailoring and creating, writing and talking. My biggest passion is tailoring and fashion design. I like to express my creativity in my designs for my brand, Zinelle Zibah Couture.

Do you participate in any CIU clubs and societies or outside of CIU?
Throughout my student life, I have met great people and in this way I have developed my communication and language skills. I was pleased to have the opportunity to take part in many events, club events and community events held at the University.

I had the chance to serve as the President of the Nigerian Student Society at CIU and the Regional Senate Secretary for the National Nigerian Student Association. In addition, I was also the vice president of the Makarios Dance Foundation, which focuses on Gospel Contemporary, Hip-Hop and Salsa. Finally, before graduation, I also participated in the PATRAL organization which helps young people to develop their minds, skills and talents.

What is your future plan? Are you planning to turn your hobby into a career?
After recieving my Master of Pharmacy, I am now studying in the Bioengineering PhD program. I aim to complete my doctorate in the most sucessful way. In addition to my academic life, I would like to make my designs an environmentally friendly brand that will create awareness of the need for recycling and thus reduce environmental challenges that are present. I believe that I will achieve this goal with hard work and dedication.

What is your inspiration in life?
Knowing that I can create a world in which we adopt diversity and where everyone is unique, it inspires me to continue and never to give up. I believe that every step I take will go beyond what I do and plan to do. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in life is, no matter how difficult the circumstances, there is always a right way to achieve something.

What advice would you give to other CIU students?
It is very difficult to carry out our training together with our hobbies, therefore time management and determination of priorities is important in this regard. Thus, you do not need to spend energy on things that are not essential to you.

What are the privileges of being a student at CIU?
In 2015, I had the chance to take part in the Spring Festival events as well as having an active role as the coordinator of the Christian Fellowship Choir of CIU. In 2018, I was a speaker at the CIU TEDx event.

In addition to being one of the first students appointed as a student assistant in my department, I am currently working as a research assistant in the faculty. I feel very fortunate to be studying at CIU, which offers a variety of academic and social life opportunties. The friends I met here have became like my family.

What do you think about CIU?
I consider Cyprus International University as a learning center that offers opportunities to help students learn and develop themselves. Although I’m not at my peak, and I have a long way ahead of me to reach it, I choose to be active at every moment of my journey, learning, developing and working towards it.